Elpical launches version 11 of Claro!

The industry’s leading image enhancement engine becomes even more intelligent.

Giesbeek, The Netherlands, April 3rd, 2017 – Elpical Software announces the immediate availability of Claro v11.

Over the years, Claro has become the automatic image enhancement solution of choice for customers around the globe, offering the best image quality, feature set and value for money in its category. Renowned publishers, digital printers, brand-owners and other imaging professionals rely on Claro to automate image toning and workflow, both for print and electronic publications.

Elpical consistently focuses on bringing improved image analysis and quality enhancements. Claro v11 is a testament to that dedication.

New and improved functionality includes:

Portrait recognition

In version 11 Claro is able to classify portrait images as such. This leads to optimized skin-tone treatment and adjustments in noise filtering and local contrast for highlights, leading to better portraits.

Banding removal

Claro now detects and removes banding issues in blue skies that may occur in heavily compressed images.

JPEG compression artefacts

Claro offers new and improved detection and removal of various types of JPEG artefacts.

Improved exposure correction

Claro has improved detection of under and over exposed images and offers an even higher success rate in correcting these problems.

Added localized treatment of key areas in images

Claro offers more controls to include or exclude certain areas in images like skin tones and blue skies to algorithms like the local contrast for highlights feature and the color filter.

New plugin for Adobe InDesign

Our plugin offers the ability to enhance images inside InDesign documents. The plugin identifies the size of the picture box and the visible area of the images and takes this into account. The enhanced images fit exactly into the picture box at the exact resolution. The new plugin offers enhanced user experience and allows documents to be closed while images are in process.

Newsrooms will love this!

If a major news event occurs, newsrooms will have the ability to tag images shot within a specified range of the location where the event took place. Especially with user generated content coming into the newsroom, it is a huge benefit to be able to immediately identify images shot within a certain proximity of the event.

IT departments will love this!

The new installers of both the Claro server (Windows and Mac OS X) as well as the InDesign plugin and Photoshop Inspector are completely independent of pre-installed runtime environments.


Claro 11 is immediately available. Trial versions can be downloaded on the Elpical website (www.elpical.com).