Elpical launches Claro V12

Claro, the industry’s leading image enhancement solution, blends powerful new features and artificial intelligence to produce an application for the next generation of image toning requirements.

Giesbeek, The Netherlands, February 28th, 2020 – Elpical Software announces the release and immediate availability of Claro v12. 

Elpical’s Claro is the standard in automated image enhancement for all forms of image publishers around the globe – newspapers, magazines, retailers, brand owners, photobooks, agencies and more.

Elpical are dedicated to developing the most technologically advanced and exceptional solutions for image publishing workflows. Complementing the powerful Claro engine with best of breed AI technologies, Elpical has created a new standard for automated image enhancement.  

Claro V12 expands to 3 core engines:

ENHANCE – Extensive new image processing operations and improved functionalities makes the image look even better, automatically

VISION – Integrates Google’s Vision AI engine providing extensive image understanding, automated metadata creation and image specific toning capabilities

REMOVE – Blends Remove.bg’s stunning background removal technology into Claro workflows creating accurate, editable cutouts and clipping paths in seconds 


Claro’s New Toning Functionality Includes:

Brand Colours – Detection, protection and correction to defined brand standards

Selective Colour Correction – Precise colour corrections to specific colour channels

Mid Tone contrast control – Individual control for contrast in the mid-tones

New Colour Balance engine – Superior colour cast identification and manipulation

Minimum Edge Dot Creation – Creates a defined edge to the image

Extended Toning functionality:

Advanced highlight contrast controls

Advanced noise filtering & reduction

Enhanced Skin Tone recognition engine

Operational Functionality

Regular Expressions utilization

OpenJDK support

Https for client connections and API


Google’s Vision AI provides industry leading accuracy for image understanding. Claro utilizes this data to provide a wide range of benefits to an image:

  • Truly intelligent, individual image based toning and enhancement
  • Dynamic image cropping
  • Standardized keyword generation & addition to the image’s metadata
  • Improved search engine rankings and increased conversion rates from:

Image SEO – Filename automatically appended with keywords

Image Enhancement – Increased click throughs and conversion rates

Optimal Image Size – Full & Thumbnail images resized for website requirements

File Format selection – optimize website loading times with correct image format


The ‘holy grail’ of the photoshop department – automated clipping paths and cutouts – is now a reality within Claro. 

Blending Remove.bg’s industry leading background removal software into the Claro workflows, users quickly receive an editable, layered psd file suitable for all requirements. Save time and money and realign the photoshop team’s focus on more creative work.