WoodWing Integrator Publiqare discusses the benefits of Claro

Elpical’s global success has been driven with the aid of remarkable technology partners integrating Claro into publishing workflow solutions. Here, Publiqare, a Dutch systems integrator, discusses the benefits of combining Claro with their WoodWing publishing software solutions to their business as well as to their customers.

What prompts you to introduce Claro to your prospects?

We always see a need for Claro with our account projects in magazine, newspaper or educational publishing. Firstly image workflow is always a conversation topic and secondly, Claro is a great upsell opportunity for any WoodWing project.

What is the value that integrating Claro in to Enterprise brings to PubliQare?

The great thing about Claro it is you can integrate it seamlessly in any Enterprise workflow, from image standardization to retouch activities. It’s the perfect symbiosis between management’s desire for process improvements and users’ wish for ease of use.

What value does PubliQare see Claro bringing to customers?

Claro is able to bring value to a business straight away, within a relatively short time frame of implementation. Its ease-of-use makes it a great tool to show clients.

PubliQare now offer PQpic-n-go – Claro as a Service – what does this do for you?

PQpic-n-go is part of our PQcloud platform and has enabled us to sell Claro to clients that need a cloud based service or that would normally refrain from investing based on price.

We are now also able to serve clients that process smaller volumes of images every month, allowing them to grow into the model as they go forward and to discover all the benefits of using Claro, without big investments up front.

Selling Claro with Woodwing applications

We position Claro as the top of the line image enhancement tool that is most suited to work with Enterprise, since it is a proven integration.

Once the choice for WoodWing has been made we discuss adjacent processes and tools that will complete the workflow.

Discovering the need for Claro is always a mixture of asking the right questions; how to improve image quality, automation of toning processes etc., and explaining what Claro can do for our clients’ workflows and publications.

Working with Elpical as a technology provider

We have always had a good and close relationship with Elpical both during pre-sales support as well as during implementations for clients and there is always an open conversation around client functionality requests.

About PubliQare

PubliQare have been working with WoodWing since 2005 and have been integrating Claro into WoodWing Enterprise, Elvis DAM and Enfocus Switch workflows since 2008. 

Our client base includes magazine, newspaper, and educational publishers with additional corporate marcomms and retail customers

PubliQare operate throughout the Benelux, Iberia, Nordic countries and The United Kingdom via sister company, Evolved Media Solutions.