Claro brings softer beautiful earth colours to your autumn editions !

Dear Readers,

Autumn is approaching, or has arrived – in the Netherlands, summer and autumn are still fighting. We are helplessly thrown back and forth between Indian summer and full-blown autumn weather.

Seasons can also influence look & feel of publications.

This is most apparent in life style magazines that may publish special autumn editions. The bright sunny colorful images of summer are replaced with the softer beautiful earth colors of autumn.
Besides seasons, image enhancement depends also on cultural differences, look & feel of any specific publication, and personal tastes of the people involved.

In Elpical Claro software,

Publishers can tune settings to accommodate the different moods that should be expressed by the images. In version 10, of which a beta version will be available by mid-November, a new color filter will be introduced (among other improvements). With the color filter, publishers can go one step further. It allows them to apply a colored filter using any color they choose (presets available) to make images warmer or cooler or give images a very specific atmosphere. The new filter will be intelligent enough to leave the neutral areas alone. Enhancing the colors, not the neutrals!
This is an exciting time for the Elpical team. Working on version 10 of our Claro solution, but also on new branding, new website and much more. Check out our website for new developments in the coming months!