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Für Menschen, die es bislang nicht wissen: Claro ist unsere Lösung für die automatische Bildoptimierung. Kunden fragen uns, welches der beste Weg sei, die richtigen Einstellungen zu finden, mit denen sie die gewünschten Ergebnisse erzielen. Eine Frage, die immer wieder gestellt wird ist, warum wir nicht ein Bild auf der Einstellungsseite anzeigen, das das Ergebnis […]
The title may surprise you.  Indeed, the medical world is not our area of expertise. Digital imaging is. And there are parallels. I worked for Kodak in the period ’94-’99. Digital imaging was still in its infancy. Our revenue still came from film. It wasn’t my business-unit but Kodak also sold X-Ray film. In those […]
There are a lot of questions on Claro’s performance and how to optimize it. Here are a few insights into the matter. Most people realize that image enhancement is a resource intensive process. A lot of calculations done with many millions of pixels. Claro offers image enhancement based on analysis. The image analysis adds to […]
Dear Readers, Autumn is approaching, or has arrived – in the Netherlands, summer and autumn are still fighting. We are helplessly thrown back and forth between Indian summer and full-blown autumn weather. Seasons can also influence look & feel of publications. This is most apparent in life style magazines that may publish special autumn editions. […]

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